G Cotter is now using Adobe's revolutionary communication software to enhance our client interactions.

View images and video in real-time, share whiteboard functions, VOIP communication, upload and download shared files & more.

Connect is the de-facto leader in the web/communication/interaction field and offers unparalleled ease of use, bullet-proof security and incredible flexibility. Built to work smoothly when accessed behind a corporate firewall, this amazing browser-based software tool requires no download on the “guest” computer, utilizing the flash player (already installed on more than 98% of desktop computers worldwide.

“Meetings” are set up and hosted on Adobe's own servers.

Security is job 1:
We understand your need to protect sensitive information. Acrobat Connect Pro provides tight access control and security on all content to ensure that meetings and related information are viewable only by the intended audience.

User authentication — Users are required to authenticate before accessing private content and meetings, and the authentication method itself offers security.

Authentication failures — Users are required to choose strong passwords and change them regularly.

Data management — Strong encryption is used to protect communications and sensitive data stored in the database. Queries to the database prevent malicious injection.

User privileges — Access to content is configurable and allows or restricts entry to meetings.

Auditing and logging — For auditing purposes, potentially malicious use is logged along with date, time, and source information.

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